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Ancient Patches

There are about 250 old patches from early development of Ubuntu whose status is unclear. Many are probably obsolete, some have been submitted to the Debian BTS but not merged yet, and so on.

For each of these patches, we will:

How to help

  1. Ask to join the DEX Alioth project (but go ahead and start hacking, don't wait!)
  2. Install the python-matplotlib package
  3. Load up the status page
  4. git clone git+ssh:// dexweb
  5. cd dexweb/ubuntu/ancient-patches
  6. Edit status.txt to update the status of each patch you review. Tab-separated columns are:
    • Owner - you can set this to your name (informational only)
    • Still relevant? - yes/no
    • Debian bug number - corresponding to this issue (may or may not be the exact same patch)
    • Notes - free-form text
  7. make # will download ~50M of debbugs indexes the first time
  8. git commit -a
  9. git push - once you have commit access


Patch status

Todo list